MiTek Builder Products

The MiTek Builder Products division as part of our family of MiTek companies, was formed out of inspiration to unify our builder products teams to serve our customers with industry-leading products, software, support excellence and passionate commitment to customer success.

Discover the New Standard

Experience a new level of speed and accuracy with a partner who understands your challenges and believes in your ability to succeed. To learn more about our products and software, visit our websites:

  • MiTek® SAPPHIRE™ Suite

    We believe in a better way to build – one that combines the industry’s top workflow software; SAPPHIRE™ Suite, the enhanced speed and precision of prefabrication technology, and a complete range of 4,000+ trusted connector solutions to optimize your structural framing.

  • USP® Structural Connectors

    USP® Structural Connectors offers a complete range of innovative and cost saving connector solutions for the light-frame construction industry.

  • Hardy Frame® Shear Wall Systems

    Pre-fabricated Panels, Brace Frames and Moment Frames economically minimize structural wall space and resist wind and earthquake loads while maximizing wall openings.