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MiTek Builder Products is a division of MiTek USA, Inc., formed out of inspiration to unify our builder products-focused teams around a single goal: To serve our customer with industry-leading product and support excellence, passionate commitment to customer success, and to deliver these through technological innovation.

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  • USP® Structural Connectors

    USP® Structural Connectors offers a complete range of innovative and cost saving connector solutions for the light-frame construction industry.

  • Hardy Frame® Shear Wall Systems

    Pre-fabricated Panels, Brace Frames and Moment Frames economically minimize structural wall space and resist wind and earthquake loads while maximizing wall openings.

  • Z4 Tie-Down Systems

    The Z4™ Tie-Down System utilizes the innovative CNX Cinch Nut, a take up device that ratchets along the length of a threaded rod to compensate for wood shrinkage and structural deformation in multi-story buildings.

  • USP® Specifier Software

    NEW Version 1.6 Download Now
    FREE project management and cost control software simplifies access to information on over 3000 structural connectors through an intuitive and graphical desktop interface.

  • MiTek® SAPPHIRE Supply Software

    Whole house design software tailored to the lumber dealer’s EWP design and estimating operation. Sapphire Supply is available exclusively to USP stocking dealers.

  • USP Adhesive Anchor Design Software

    USP® Adhesive Anchor Design Software

    This powerful design software provides optimized epoxy connection solutions for threaded anchors post-installed into concrete.

  • USP® Anchoring Solutions

    A complete line of high-performance epoxy applications ranging from heavy-industrial seismic and wind applications to household projects.

  • USP® Deck Designer Software

    FREE online interactive software program that will help you and your clients design the deck of their dreams. Easy to use, customize and collaborate.

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  • MiTek TECO collated hardware nail

    New! 33° Collated Hardware Nails

    The color coded, head stamped nail head identification system ensures the correct fastener is used in its proper application.

  • MURO Auto Feed Screw System

    Gain a competitive advantage on the jobsite with the faster, easier to use MURO tools for sub flooring, drywall, decks, docks, cement and metal.

  • Super Anchor Safety Fall Protection

    Personal safety products designed to keep contractors safe in work locations that require protection, while helping them comply with OSHA fall arrest regulations.